The Grandfather Platform

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February 2-March 30, 2018 - Bologna

A sensory experience in an interactive platform allowing a close encounter with Ludovico, Agostino and Annibale Carracci frescos, in Palazzo Magnani, Unicredit headquarters, in Bologna. It is ‘The Grandfather platform’, a site specific work by Luca Pozzi, which will last until March 30. “One can reach – as the curator Maura Pozzati explains – a different meditation status at 4 meters height between past, art history and present, in a structure which is physical and illusionistic at the same time and which, being inspired by Carracci’s intrepid techniques, is able to simulate a huge black hole, thanks to a digital collage displayed on the carpeting floor. The visitor finds his/herself among European Space Agency Rosetta Mission, Fermi telescope (Nasa and Infn, the National Institute for Nuclear Physics) and Laser interferometer space antenna (Lisa), whose launch is foreseen in 2034”.