February 20, 2018

Tommy Hilfiger

by i3_admin in Eventi, Manifestazioni

2000 seats in a grandstand with 25 cm lifting.

According to customers’ necessities, it is possible to create, through the modular system, comfortable grandstands with variable base and configuration.
Layher Allround universal system, a unique system, has been widely tested in the creation of scaffolds, it is the system base, it absorbs loads in total safety and excellently adapts to building or ground conditions.
To satisfy the needs at maximum, comfortable ramps, solid decks, various seats options are provided, along with a good view ensured by terraces height to satisfy even the most exigent spectator.
Public arrangement in benches or rows of single seats, with chairs or only standing; the grandstand can be very easily adapted to the necessities.
The quick and safe screw-free assembly system, the reduced number of single elements and the logic sequence of assembly operations ensure velocity during assembly and removal in whatever place. The building material can be lifted to intermediate spans without cross support and by only using forklifts, so as to further facilitate assembly.

Grandstand with light-weight components.

The arrival of a designer like Tommy Hilfigerat Milan Fashion Week Women’s is very important. After New York, Los Angeles and London spectacular fashion shows, Tommy Hilfiger has chosen Milan to present TommyNow Spring/Summer Collection and the fourth TommyxGigi capsule collection.

The show will close February Milan Fashion Week, with a special event that will be held on Sunday, February 25, at 20:00. As usual, the other designers will present their Fall/Winter 2018/19 collections, while Tommy Hilfiger, who follows the see-now buy-now formula, will show the previous season. A fusion of fashion, entertainment, pop culture and interactive experiences tailored on customers. These are the ingredients of the TommyNow format created by Tommy Hilfiger.