Generators, cable covers, ducts, light towers


Italstage provides a wide range of generators, in order to offer the power necessary to whatever big event.


The totem measures 120 cm x 120 cm x 250 cm and includes a self-powered system with a generator, which allows lifting a piston on whose summit there are four 150 W LED illuminators. They offer a rather reduced consumption and simultaneously light up a quite wide area. A system for planned switching on and off is also included. The unit does not need external links; indeed, the generator can also externally provide electricity, if required. It is easy to transport and can be very easily and rapidly located by using a forklift, thanks to its closet steel base shape designed to easily insert the forks. A truck can contain up to 22 of these units. The unit comes as a closet which can be used as advertising totem during the day. 2 meters x 1 meter forex can be applied on the four sides of the unit to promote the event, give information or directions, to mark meeting points, concessions, etc. Then, in the night, they become light towers. This idea was inspired by a product which is often used in building sites, then adapted to shows or events by tanking care also of aesthetics in order to use it everywhere. It can be transformed in a promotional device for events sponsors.


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