Advertising totem, towers


They can reach 30 meters height maximum and are highly customizable both in terms of shape and use. Moreover, they are available in various models.
Thanks to the high versatility of our structures, we are able to excellently meet whatever requirement:

– Grandstands or stages covering support

– Towers for commentators containers positioning

– Towers for direction with follow systems

– Audio towers

– Layher towers for videos and settings positioning

– Prolyte towers for light/audio/video systems hanging

– Prolyte rigging towers

– Audio towers with followspot baskets

– Layher towers for sponsors advertising cloths exhibition

– Tower displays

Our Layher mobile scaffolds ensure the maximum reliability and practicality when integrated to your structures. The modern materials and the use of aluminum components (48.3 diameter) enormously facilitate assembly, removal and transport.

The innovative P2 assembly system allows, thanks to the addition of a new accessory, to assemble the scaffold in total safety, thanks also to the possibility to install parapets on the lower floor.

In case mobile scaffolds are used for the direction or to control light/audio systems, also decks are available with an access hatch to move within the structure, equipped with special hooks allowing single-operator removal.
The steel base frames maximize scaffold stability and extend their base. They are firmly connected among each other through conic pins, which allow assembling the frames in central or lateral position.

The possible structure position change is facilitated by the possibility to increase or decrease the base dimension at will and without significant modifications.

The snap hooking system is one of the main characteristics of Layher mobile scaffolds: it allows to firmly connect the components to base frames rungs; moreover, the grooved rungs create a safe and firm foothold during the climb.
Finally, mobile scaffolds wheels are designed to be the safety fulcrum of the structure. They are equipped with a double breaking system including both wheel block and orientation device block, which allows rapidly and safely moving the scaffold. The threaded pins connected to the wheels allow to accurately regulate the height of the structure and contribute to unloading the instrumental loads on the blocked wheels.


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