December 22, 2017

Lorenzo 2018, the new tour by Jovanotti

by i3_admin in Eventi, Live

20×12 meters Rolling Stage, with 16×3 meters long catwalk.

In some locations, also Space Roof is added, a modular covering system based on a spatial framework: the roof can be suspended over Prolyte towers.

Customized cable covers were created for the artist.

Ancona, Acireale, Rimini, Milan, Florence, Bologna, Rome, Eboli, Verona, Turin, Stuttgart, Wien, Zurich, Brussels, Lugano
Fifty dates, ten Italian and five European cities: this is just the beginning.
As a confirmation there are the first news on next tour, which will be held in sport arenas.
Lorenzo 2018 is the name of the tour, which will follow the release of the new album (on December 1)

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