Tensile structures, gazebos, covering structures


Our tensile structures are the ideal solution for (temporary or fixed) covering or extension of whatever place used for whatever event. They are built on a modular basis, with cables and tension wires supporting the fabric or sheet covering, to ensure the maximum variation flexibility in terms of configuration and, if necessary, of materials.

Therefore, the structures can perfectly adapt to whatever location or event and, at the same time, ensure the maximum protection and resistance to weather.

We have built arched tensile structures with big internal settings (800 square meters maximum) for opening events and conferences.

Types of tensile structures

We also supply tents of whatever dimension for restaurants, events and theatre shows, in addition to highly customizable structures. Our products offer starts from simple gazebos, which are suitable for small open-air parties (e.g. in gardens), up to travelling theatres, covered pavilions in various sizes and tents for gala events, always bearing their specific equipment.

Upon request, also furnishings (chairs, carpets, decorations), air conditioning and heating systems, stages and other types of furniture are available.

Tensile structures safety

All our tensile structures comply with safety regulations and have the required equipments, like signals for emergency exits.


Our gazebos

We have gazebos consisting in an aluminum structure and PVC sheets that can be adapted and transformed according to the function, from the fair stand, to the kiosk, the store and much more. They offer a perfect and solid shelter from weather and can be modified and adapted to any style, quality and comfort necessity.

Gazebos characteristics

Our gazebos are available in the following sizes: 3×3 meters, 4×4 meters, 5×5 meters, 10×10 meters. The possibility to assemble them according to a modular system ensures maximum flexibility and customization to perfectly carry out their function in whatever event.

They are handy and resistant structures and can be installed in whatever environment and ground: from the seafront to a real beach, from a stadium to a concert area as support to the stage, to the city centre, to fairs.


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