Bonolis – Music



From Wednesday December 6, 2017, for three prime-times

Setting of the entire TV studio in Cinecittà, Rome: stage, platforms and step galleries with fire-resistant PVC seats.

From Wednesday December 6, 2017, for three prime times, Canale 5 channel music show will be back with its second edition. A great setting, Cinecittà Theatre 5 (the historical stage space of Federico Fellini) for a great production. Here are some numbers: 2.000 people in the public, 2.800 square meters of led lights, 1.600 light points, 150.000 watts of audio power. Accompanied by Luca Laurenti, Paolo Bonolis will host “Music” again, a TV show focused on the personal experience of the guests, who will tell about their favorite songs, those which pushed them to start their life journeys. Roberto Cenci will be the director. As for the authors (about ten) intentions, Music “is a show telling about music”, as if music would not be able to tell itself, as if it was not already a story. “Music” is not a show about music. As it should be, it is a show about Paolo Bonolis, with his “stories” full of citations and mannerism, told with his smugness and the uncontrollable willingness to hear himself talk.