We design and assemble our stages on rental, for concerts and events, in order to offer our customers the maximum customization, practicality and comfort. One of our top partners for stage setting is Layher company, from Germany: with a more than 60 years long experience in the field of buildings, it allows us to offer you top-quality, light, modern and, above all, safe structures.

Types of stages

Our favorite formula for building stages and stands for big events is the Event System, in cooperation with Layher, which allows us to carry out our job in a practical and easy way. This system consists in a deck (available in different sizes) to be assembled in few moves on step structures for grandstands, or on crosspieces for stages, minimizing both time and costs and giving the best possible result.

Prolyte American company is often our first choice as for building stage coverings: a leader in the field of aluminum lattice beam trusses, it offers the possibility to realize different covering types that can be adapted to every structure. Our most used types are the Giant Arc Roof and the LT Roof.

The first is a structure built using 3-to-5 arches, which form 3 spans. To each of them a couple of steel wires is fixed to absorb the load of horizontal forces weighing on the entire structure. The couple is fixed on the back through fasteners and accompanied by panels for sound spreading.

This covering is entirely made of a reticulate consisting in a series of knots preventing the structure from moving and deforming. The spans are fixed to standard ST or CT towers.

The second covering consists in a tower-based structure with a pitched roof and a 2-meters-long cantilevered element. Keder profiles for tents are installed on the main beam and are integrated with mobile supports. They allow to add or remove elements from the covering, so as to obtain both 10 meters and 15 meters depth.

A patent of our own

Moreover, with Litec company, we patented the Myte covering beam: it is a peculiar aluminum beam being bolted and not welded, thus which is easier to assemble and remove. By connecting several Myte beams we obtain the Myte Mega-Truss covering.

Stage sizes

The sizes of our stages can be adapted to all your necessities: we start from a minimum of 15 meters width until a maximum of 70 meters, with varying depth; the total square footage can reach a maximum of 2.000 square meters.


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