Lorenzo Live 2018

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February 12-28 (Assago Forum) and March 4 (Rimini)

Twelve nights with Jovanotti. «Lorenzo Live 2018» is ongoing since Monday 12 until February 28 at Assago Forum. It is the «Oh, Vita!» tour, last Jova’s album.

Milan – Jovanotti Tour 2018 started from Milan, where it all started. On Monday, February 12, 2018, the first of twelve concerts by Lorenzo Cherubini was held at Mediolanum Forum. A tour will follow in arenas all over Italy and a final leg in the main European cities, for a total of about sixty dates. Lorenzo Live 2018 is a big party. The show starts since one enters the arena: 13 big chandeliers transform the place in a real party room. The show starts with a work by the illustrator Manuele Fior who, inspired by Lorenzo’s idea, wrote and realized a cartoon featuring Jova/Don Quixote as intro to the show. Three minutes of images that introduce the theatrical arrangement by Corrado D’Elia, played in Spanish by the wonderful Miguel Bosé. Jovanotti stage stretches on in the party room for 17 meters, until reaching a second stage which, on the beat of Fame, rises up to 4 meters as a big hanging bridge to a third custom stage, the kingdom of the dj-set.

Rimini – March 4, 2018 – The greatest show after Big Bang is still his.

Fans went crazy on Saturday night at Rds Stadium for the first of three Lorenzo live 2018 concerts in Rimini. More than 6 thousand people danced with “Jova”, who decided to show the video (recorded during Rimini rehearsals) in which he sings and dances among the public. 200 people from Rimini were hired to shoot the scenes at Rds Stadium one month ago. This was not the only tribute Jova paid to Riviera, indeed he also sang Romagna Mia, with Romagna young folk dancers Christian Ermeti and Elisa Fuchi performing with him on the stage. A show in the show, regardless of snow.